For the Birds
A flock of fun facts, tips, and links
from Thomptronics

Looking to learn more about birds, bird songs, bird watching, or bird conservation?  Check out one of these great organizations and websites:
American Birding Association
Birding Pal
Birds of Prey Foundation

Looking to get more from Bird Song?  Here are a few commands you might not know.  To use any of these, just say one of the quoted commands below instead of a bird name...
  • "game" - to play a game
  • "song stream" - to hear a continuous stream of bird songs
  • "surprise me" - to hear a randomly-selected bird
  • "Easter egg" - to get a silly surprise
  • "repeat" - to hear the last bird song again
  • "cancel" - to exit the skill
  • "help" - to hear more about this skill and its capabilities
For example, try saying, "Alexa, ask Bird Song to surprise me" to discover a new bird!

Did you know that Amazon has an entire section dedicated to birds supplies?  From treats and toys to bird baths and bird feeders, you can see it all by clicking here.

Do you have any ideas, hints, tips or know of any cool bird- or Echo-related products you're excited about?  If so, please tell us about it by dropping a note in our Suggestion Box.